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3 Signs Your Brooklyn Boiler Is In Need Of Repairs

When it comes to your Brooklyn home, boiler repairs is something you should never put off. Like any other system in your home, your boiler needs regular maintenance and care to keep it functioning efficiently and effectively. No matter how regular you are in getting your system maintenance, however, your system is going to experience wear and tear, and when this happens, issues can develop from time to time. Even the smallest of problems with your home's boiler can quickly escalate into something altogether more serious and more costly if given time. Some of these issues can even become a hazard to the health and safety of you and your family if they go untreated long enough. If you have ever had to suffer through a cold night without you, you know how miserable an experience it can be. To ensure that our customers never have to suffer through a situation like that, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together this handy little list detailing three of the most common signs that your Brooklyn home's boiler is in need of repairs so that you can act swiftly and get your unit the repairs it needs in a timely fashion to help prevent any further issues.

Leaking Water Around Your Boiler

If you ever notice any water pooling around the base of your Brooklyn home's boiler, it's definitely a sign that you should make the call for help. If your boiler is losing water at a fairly steady pace, it isn't going to be able to heat the remaining water inside to the correct temperature, causing your consumption of fuel to skyrocket as your boiler tries desperately to keep up with the demand. This can put a lot of stress on your system as well as additional wear and tear that makes future breakdowns all the more likely. Ignoring an issue like this could result in your boiler breaking down completely before you know it.

Unusual Sounds Coming From The Boiling Unit

Although all boilers make some sounds to a certain degree, it is important to differentiate between the ones that are normal occurrences, and the ones that aren't supposed to be present. If you start to notice different sounds coming from your boiling unit, or the sounds are starting to get more intense of increase in volume, it could be a surefire sign that one or more of the parts inside your boiler are breaking down. Hissing is absolutely the worst sound you can hear coming from your boiler system, and if you start to notice it coming from your unit, you are going to want to reach out to a service professional right away. Hissing sounds can indicate that you have iron or sludge deposits inside your boiler, resulting in uneven water distribution, which can cause your boiler to simply overheat or to stop working entirely.

Strong Smells

There are a lot of things around the house that can result in strong odors and funky smells, but your boiler should never be one of them. A strong odor coming from your boiler can be indicative of a gas or oil leak, and this is dangerous to not only your home, but also to you and your family's health. These leaks can easily result in a fire, injury, or even death if they aren't taken care of quickly. If you notice strange smells emanating from your home's boiler, give our team of professionals here at Precise Plumbing & Heating a call today.

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